Van wont rev above 3000 rpm

What's New? Log in. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Well, as unbelievable as it may seem, after having the car '82 GT with a 4bbl Holley for almost a month, I just revved the engine above RPM today. I was sitting in the garage with the car running thinking over my exhaust problem and decided to rev the engine up near the redline to see how it handled it. As it reaches about RPM it starts to stumble and fluctuate and wont rev any higher.

What's the problem? I assume its either an ignition or fuel problem but not the exact source. The only info that I know is true about the ignition and fuel systems is that I just changed out the wires and plugs with new stock replacement and gapped them to the spec in the Hayes manual.

Previous owner installed an Accell 50K volt coil. And then theres the cfm 4bbl carb. Thats all that I know is changed. Sounds like your hitting the rev limiter to me? This was sitting in neutral in my garage.

Why wont my car go over 3000 rpm?

I didn't think there was a rev limiter back then since its a carb with no computer. And if there was one it certainly wouldnt be at 3K because an old Motor Trend article on the car lists max hp at 4.

XK RPM. I'm gonna take it around the block tomorrow and rev it up while driving and see when happens. Originally Posted by critterkiller Check the plugswirescap and rotor Then check timing I never ran a vac.

Fuel preasure can be checked with a vacum gaugejust remove the line from the carb. Do you have access to another tach to varify your readings? Maybe the problem has something to do with your factory tach and not the engine. Just a thought.Looking for a garage you can trust? Honest John's Good Garage Guide has thousands of reader recommended garages, plus how-to guides and tips on servicing. From economical vans to those that have the largest payloads, we have a shortlist for everyone - click to find out which will suit your needs.

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1.3 Multijet engine, wont rev past 3000

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Any ideas. Prev of 2 2 Next. My i wont rev past rpm when I drive it but will rev freely when parked. Its like it has a rev limiter fitted.

Car won't rev pass 3k rpms

I had a problem with it misfiring last month and changed most things including plugs, HT leads, coil, ignition module, rotor arm, distributor cap, fuel pump, fuel filters and finally changed the temperature sensor and it sorted the misfire and I didn't really drive it hard so didn't notice the failure to rev freely. It starts perfectly hot and cold and idles really nice. Really need this fixed ASAP. Any ideas or suggestions. Had something like you, but not exactly During the time my ECU was less and less functional idle was perfect, but performance was less and less.

No rev limiter type of experience, but in the end any throttle would nearly kill the running of the engine. Got an ECU to use over time: no issues, felt like a power upgrade. Had the old ECU resoldered and while waiting for it got a spare that I used until then. After this long story, has your ECU been resoldered? If not perhaps worth to have it done and perhaps it solves the rev limiter type of issue. Not into wedge camshafts myself yet, but missing lobes can do funny stuff and this could be one of them.

Pretty sure its not the camshaft as it was running perfectly then one day wouldn't rev. It hasn't been getting worse over a period of time it just stops at approx rpm and then you have to change gear and it accelerates fine until it hits rpm again.

Distributor and rotor combinations for RV8s are like a lottery. Had some issues tracking the right ignition parts down myself in the past.

Kept the old original stuff and if it didn't run ok used these parts to rule out ignition stuff as well as after installing new 'correct' parts.I've recently got the car running it had been sitting for 8 years and I've got it running I can move it but very little.

van wont rev above 3000 rpm

As I accelerate the car starts to reach rpm and dies out. Ive tried to figure it out why but I can't seem to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It sometimes struggles to stay on it sounds like it's going to die out then it goes back up.

If you have access to a scanning tool, it would be helpful to download any data that may have registered as a result of the way it is running. You should see a Check Engine Light on as well, which would be an indicator that there will be some trouble codes to download.

I would suggest having an expert diagnose your Check Engine Light and recommend the best path to repair. Q: Car won't accelerate past rpm asked by Anthony.

van wont rev above 3000 rpm

My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Jeff Engstrom Automotive Mechanic. Thank Jeff. This issue could be caused by a variety of things. I would suggest by checking to be sure that the idle air control module is working properly. Also, check to be sure that the throttle body is delivering fuel as it should. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful?

Recommended Services. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions. Error codes P and P by Pawan U.My car will not exceed RPM in any gear.

van wont rev above 3000 rpm

In first or any other gear gear I can drive up to RPM and then must shift into 2nd or the next gear if I want to go faster, if RPM goes above the car stops accelerating and the RPM drops to at which time the car starts to accelerate again. The engine is running at a very high rate when I come to a stop as if the idle is set too high. The car does not lose electrical power when this happens.

I can get around town with easily as long as I am staying in the to RPM range. This problem started late Saturday night when I was in Phoenix and had to get to the airport to pick up my daughter and then get back home to Prescott, AZ.

Since the dealers were all closed on Sunday I just went home at miles an hour all the way back to Prescott. It was a long drive but we enjoyed ourselves. The car ran fine except for the RPM problem. Please Advise…Thanks so much.

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But…here goes with my first guesses:. If your catalytic converter is clogged, that would cause the engine to be unable to gain speed. Another possible cause might be a partially-clogged fuel filter or a weak fuel pump. If you post back with the missing information that I mentioned above, we might be able to be more helpful.

Car will not rev over but u continue to drive it? I appreciate you your input and sorry for lacking info. My car is a Kia Rio Cinco with 82, miles, 5 speed with self-adjusting clutch. All regular engine and transmission maintenance has been done on schedule. Everything else with the car is working well.

I made sure that I was monitoring the systems as I was trying to figure out just what the symptoms where. If it where a clogged catalytic converter or fuel filter would there not be some sputtering? There has been none, really not even a little bit.

Q: Car won't accelerate past 3000rpm

A clogged fuel filter should cause some mis-firing but a clogged converter may not…If the car will coast along normally without any noticeable drag slowing it down dragging brakes then a restricted exhaust becomes more likely…have a shop put it up on a lift for a visual inspection and a simple exhaust back-pressure test…If this problem is constant, then any competent mechanic should be able to run it down quickly….Got a 4 cylinder Honda Accord sedan.

Has hp approx rpm claimed by Honda though the car don't rev any above 3. Therefore, the ride is slow and very hard to take over on freeways etc and on lights pretty slow pickup which makes the overall experience unpleasant.

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Braintrain : check spark leads and ecu errors. I'm assuming it's tiptronic yeah? If so, you should be able to reset the TCU and teach the system by manually shifting. At least, that is doable in Accord Euros. Leave it for 5 or so minutes then reconnect battery. Then gradually throttle accelerator in Neutral ofcourse working up to red-line. If you have power windows, this method may affect them so you may need to reset them aswell.

Easy to do. One by one just hold down window controller and hold for 5 secs then repeat in upward direction. Yea i do.

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Even use paddle shifters top manually select gears but it doesn't go higher than rpm. I had the service done with shell full synthetic 2 months ago I'll recheck oil levels again but it is always this slow its not a new problem. I remember a similar problem on a Honda S on the show wheeler dealers. Something to do with how the engine works with cams for higher revs. S is an awesome car and yes those old school hondas had pure VTEC however Honda is now making I-vtec which are technically advanced but no fun.

Regular maintenance and services are done at 10k intervals never missed. Using full synthetic shell oil since last 60k.Hello There, Guest! Login Register — Login with Facebook. Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. Thread Rating: 0 Vote s - 0 Average 1 2 3 4 5.

Thread Modes. Ewanm77 Definitely part of the BF Crew. No revs over 3k???? It looks to have gone into safe mode, which keeps it below revs to prevent engine damage. I'm surprised there isn't another fault code as low EGR flow should not trigger it, many people have theirs blocked off. Could be worth trying a different code reader. Jed Clampit Berlingo Forum Legend. First you need to if the EGR is opening and closing properly the best thing to do is take it off and clean it not an easy job then you can see how blocked it is and if it's no good.

The other thing you can is blank it off to stop the crud form bocking the EGR and the inlet manifold or have it deleted some frown on this it will go through an MOT so it's up to you. I don't think the cars been driven much outside the city so that could be to blame I'm going to blank the egr and might fit a fmic just because ive got a spare one before it goes for a remap.

From the top on the right hand side at the back under the air filter and behind the fuel filter both will need to moved to get to the EGR good luck take your time.

Q: Car won't accelerate past 3000rpm

Hi Ewanm you are not going to like this suggestion i know i would not! But i used to be on the tools as a mechanic up until 10 years ago and things have moved on so fast its worrying!

My point is that you may be better off cutting your losses and going to a main dealer if you have one near you?

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One of the big ones if possible owned directly by Citroen. The reason i suggest this is it sounds like you know what you are doing and will not of missed anything obvious. This would leave anyone with your fault in the dilemma you are in. The fault you describe is very often down to the egr valve so it was the first point of call, however look to see if the egr vacuum pipe goes into a small electro nematic valve down the back of the engine as these are known to play up.

Otherwise unless someone comes along who has come across you problem and is willing to share the information remember people who make a living out fixing these things very often wont let you in on their knowledge you will just end up swopping components until you get lucky - very costly! What ever you end up doing please let us all know how you get on and what ended up being your problem - this at least may help other people - see my injector problem posts.

All the best.


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